Parallel Skiing pic

Intermediate Tips for Parallel Skiing

Parallel Skiing pic
Parallel Skiing

Attorney Christopher Lane earned his juris doctor from Wake Forest University School of Law in North Carolina. As a solo practitioner in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, attorney Christopher (Chris) Lane runs his own solo practice and focuses on personal injury, real estate, workers compensation, employment law, and collections. Outside of work, he enjoys skiing.

When moving from a snow plough turn to start parallel skiing, there a few tips that can help you make the transition smoothly. Balancing your weight on the outside ski when you turn is the first step to work your way up to parallel skiing. During a snow plough turn, your weight is distributed evenly over both of the skis. Parallel skiing allows your weight to move mostly over the outside of the ski. As you begin to enter the turn, it’s critical to bend your knees as you shift your weight over to your outside ski.

Finding your edges is the second step. This involves moving your weight from the outside ski to the inside edges of both of your skis. During this step, you will grasp how to put the leg that you were lifting up back on the snow. You’ll also learn how much of your weight you should be putting on that leg and how to use your weight to press the edges of your skis in the snow when turning.


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