Perfecting Your Golf Stance – Ideal Foot Width



An attorney in North Carolina, Christopher “Chris” Lane has experience with the legal issues surrounding consumer debt collection. Away from work, Christopher Lane enjoys playing golf.

When playing golf, understanding the basics of stance can allow you to have a more successful game. While a golf stance consists of various elements, including overall posture, angle of the feet, and amount of knee flex, this article will focus on the width of your golf stance, also an important element.

A stance that is too narrow will prevent you from producing power when you swing your golf club. Additionally, balance can be difficult to maintain with an excessively narrow stance. Too-wide stances also can affect your power or cause you to sway as you swing.

The ideal width of your stance is found by positioning your feet shoulder-width apart. To help you determine a shoulder-with foot position, measure the width of your shoulders–form outside shoulder to outside shoulder–with a golf club and use that measurement as a guide for your feet. To create a pyramid with your body, the insides of your feet should line up with the outside-shoulder-to-outside-shoulder measurement. The pyramid gives you a stable base that enables you to move through your swing with ease.


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