Skiing pic

How to Stay Safe While Enjoying the Sport of Skiing


Skiing pic

With a JD and an MBA from Wake Forest University, attorney Christopher (“Chris”) Lane has practiced law for nearly 25 years and currently operates as a solo practitioner in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. An avid skier in his free time, Christopher Lane takes the necessary precautions when enjoying the sport.

As an activity that can take participants to the most spectacular locations on the planet, skiing can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. However, presenting very real dangers, ranging from head and knee injuries to sunburn and frostbite, skiing requires some knowledge of how to stay safe while on the slopes.

Because skiing involves traveling at a high rate of speed and sometimes in very close proximity to obstacles and other skiers, falls and collisions are not uncommon, regardless of the skier’s level of expertise. Also, taking place at high elevations in cold weather, the physiological homeostasis of the skier could become a challenge.

It is important to be equipped with the proper gear and knowledge of how to use it. Therefore, always have a trained professional fit and adjust all helmets, skis, bindings, boots, and poles. Additionally, a professional can help determine the most appropriate goggles, gloves, pants, jacket, and thermal wear the skier should don to maximize his or her protection from the elements. Ultimately, remembering to keep safe will contribute to an enjoyable time on the slopes.


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