Twin City Track Club pic

Twin City Track Club’s 2017 Ultimate Runner

Twin City Track Club pic
Twin City Track Club

An attorney in North Carolina, Christopher Lane represents clients in matters including workers compensation, personal injury, bankruptcy, and employment law. Outside of his work as an attorney, Chris Lane enjoys running and has completed 65 marathons. Christopher Lane trains with the Twin City Track Club.

A nonprofit organization in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the Twin City Track Club promotes running and fitness in the local community and brings together runners of all levels. Each year, the club holds numerous races and events, including the Ultimate Runner event.

Scheduled for June 24, the 2017 Ultimate Runner consists of five races in one night: four track races and a 5K cross-country race. Participants are placed in heats according to their best mile time over the last year. Those who finish all five races earn the Ultimate Runner t-shirt. According to tradition, those who do not complete all five races have their t-shirts burned in the parking lot after the awards ceremony, which takes place at Carmine’s 901 Grill.


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