Rob Young pic

Londoner Sets One-Year Marathon Record

Rob Young pic
Rob Young

Attorney Christopher Lane received both an MBA and a JD from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1993. Since 2002, he has been a solo practicing attorney in Winston-Salem. Also an avid runner, Chris Lane has competed in 65 marathons.

Rob Young of London, England, set the world record for most marathons run in one year in 2015. He ran over 10,000 miles in nearly 380 marathons to set the record. How is it possible to run in more marathons than there are days in the year? He raced in several double, triple, and ultra marathons to cram in the extra mileage.

At one point, he even stopped running for three straight weeks to allow his legs to recuperate from the daily pounding. His quest brought him to the United States, where 117 official marathons occur on consecutive days. Never having run a single marathon before he started, the 32 year old began his quest with a bet with his fiance and a desire to earn some money for his favorite charities.


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