Golfing pic

Golfing Provides Mental and Physical Health Benefits

Golfing pic

An attorney in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Christopher Lane previously worked for McElwee Firm, PLLC, where he dealt with workers’ compensation and employment law. He is currently an attorney at his own practice. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Christopher (Chris) Lane likes to golf in the North Carolina area.

Golfing has been found to improve mental health and can even prevent the onset of diseases such as dementia. This is because golfing in itself is exercise, and by burning calories, golfers increase the brain’s blood flow. An increase in blood flow means nerve cell connections are improved and stimulated. Competing in an effort to beat previous scores improves self-esteem. Golfers also put their mental skills to the test by tallying scores and improving their strategies.

The benefits go beyond mental health; golf is good for the body, too. Because of all the exercise golfers get, they have a tendency to sleep deeply. This allows the body the ability to regenerate its cells and rest its muscles. Additionally, golf is a relatively safe sport that does not pose high risks. This means players do not have to worry about intense, potentially dangerous physical contact or breaking bones, as they would in certain other sports.


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